Syna and Luan are married

What a wonderful, busy, crazy, fun-filled day this was. Syan and Luan’s epic September wedding included ceremonies from both Vietnamese and Cambodian traditions at each of their families’ houses. And as if that wasn’t lovely and colorful enough, an American-style ceremony (complete with surprise downpour) capped off the ceremonial aspects of the day. With their marriage solidly underway, Syna and Luan danced and sang and laughed the night away at their huge party downtown. Hundreds of smiles and an evening of celebration was set to everyone’s favorite 80’s classics. Each pair of the couple’s wedding attendants were introduced into the reception accompanied by a different Michael Jackson song–all while sharing a customized dance for the crowd. At last, Syna and Luan danced their way into the crowd, setting off the best party ever. Congrats Luan and Syna! Thanks for having us along on your fantastic wedding day.

Here’s a little slide show of our favorites. And click here to see Syna and Luan’s wedding gallery.

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