Zoë & Scott in Los Cabos, Mexico

Occasionally you encounter people who have a bit of an aura about them. When you’re in their vicinity, you feel it. Charm, kindness, thoughtfulness, intelligence: it radiates from them like a gift you’re being given. I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that both Zoë and Scott possess that special aura, after all we were completely charmed by them at our first conversation. But what did surprise me, (and that is an understatement, perhaps floored me would be a better choice of words) was that without fail, each and every person who joined them on this wedding adventure, possessed a similar quality.

It was a weekend of laughter, sweetness, kinship and family. Scott and Zoë purposefully drew together friends and family from different parts of their lives and, in doing so, gave each person a feeling of belonging to something special. And special it was. From the shoes-optional opener to the epic wedding vows to the fireworks-driven dance frenzy, it was an unforgettable wedding weekend.

Thanks so much, Scott and Zoë. It truly was our privilege to photograph your fun, loving, crazy, beautiful wedding weekend.  You’ll find a few of our wedding day favorites in this slide show.  Highlights of the rehearsal dinner are here.

A visit here to see the entire wedding day.




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