Color Story: Vibrant Pink

I think pink is the friendliest, most accommodating color of all. Happy to blend in or stand out. And she plays nicely with almost every other color. Pink can be sweet or sexy. Soft or striking. And because of pink’s generous nature, she’s often seen in the company of others, (think pink & navy, pink & white, pink & well, almost anything.) But at this wedding, the delightful Ms. Pink was invited to center stage.

I sure do like her here. Bold, nuanced, collaborating nicely with her close friends, Magenta and Violet. She’s interesting enough to hold up to all the attention, but never showy or too in-your-face.

Maybe you’d like to invite Ms. Pink to your wedding?

Of course, these photos are ours and the gorgeous floral decor shown here is the work of the unparalleled, Geranium Lake Flowers.

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