Dana and Tim are married!

On a perfect day in Spring, Dana and Tim tied the knot at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Portland. The trees were in bloom, the skies a perfect shade of blue. Their intimate wedding was a family affair–Dana’s sister and her nieces helped her dress, Tim’s brother served as best man. After the sweet ceremony, the bride and groom along with their newly joined families gathered at El Gaucho for a celebratory meal. Congratulations to you both, Tim and Dana!

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Tracy and Jim are married!

What a celebration! Tracy and Jim’s wedding festivities stretched over two beautiful weekends in the late fall of this year. When these two lovely people told us what was most important about their wedding day, they told us “families coming together” was the most meaningful aspect for them. And Tracy’s grandfather was squarely at the center of this wedding. In Jim’s words as he toasted his new wife at their blowout reception, he said, “I’m not the most important person in Tracy’s life, her grandfather is.” And that’s why this couple tied the knot in the tiny town of Paterson, Washington, so that her 97 year-old grandfather could walk her down the aisle.

With just their families on hand, Tracy and Jim married at Estate at Destiny Ridge. The day started out perfectly with bright sun for the luncheon and rehearsal, but then nature dealt a few surprises. Winds, a dust storm and then unexpected rain changed plans for a ceremony on the terrace. But no one cared at all, since everything needed was right on hand. Rugs were rolled up, furniture was moved and the ceremony moved indoors. It was festive and cozy inside with the winds howling all around the grand estate. After their intimate ceremony officiated by Jim’s brother, which included a “unity golf bag” the group settled into cocktails and a romantic dinner in the wine cellar.

The following Saturday, Tracy and Jim hosted all their friends and family at Waverley Golf Club. My favorite part of the evening was when Jim and his oldest son Mitchell toasted Tracy as the newest member of the family. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see the crowd cheering for Tracy and Jim during that moment. Congratulations, Jim and Tracy!mor_01mor_02mor_03mor_04mor_05mor_06mor_07mor_08mor_09mor_10mor_11mor_12mor_13mor_14mor_15mor_16mor_17mor_18mor_19mor_20mor_21mor_22mor_23mor_24mor_25mor_26mor_27mor_28mor_29mor_30mor_31mor_32mor_33mor_34mor_35mor_36mor_37mor_38mor_39mor_40mor_41mor_42mor_43mor_44mor_45mor_46mor_47mor_48mor_49mor_50mor_51mor_52mor_53mor_54mor_55mor_56mor_57mor_58mor_59mor_60mor_61mor_62mor_63mor_64mor_65mor_66mor_67mor_68mor_69mor_70mor_71mor_72mor_73mor_74mor_75mor_76mor_77mor_78mor_79mor_80mor_81mor_82mor_83

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Chelsea and Bryan are married!

That smile. It’s a thousand watts at least. Chelsea’s grin was our barometer for this beautiful day. Soft smile=happy, bigger smile=even happier. The best smile, though, was the full-on, megawatt smile that she saves just for Bryan. Chelsea’s joy simply bubbles out through her smile.

This couple’s wedding day was filled to the brim with laughter, beauty and happiness. The giddy smiles, however, don’t belie Bryan and Chelsea’s serious commitment. Their ceremony at First Presbyterian was powerful and compelling, and even gave me a little lump in my throat as I listened from behind my camera.

The elegant celebration that followed had everything you’d dream of for a fall wedding: church bells ringing, golden sunlight ushering the couple off to their ballroom party, a sweet first dance and well-dressed guests dancing the night away. Congratulations Chelsea and Bryan!

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Coop and Porter are married!

What an effortlessly wonderful day this was. Not that there wasn’t effort, but rather this couple is so relaxed, so happy, so content with the world and each other that their joy is absolutely effortless. Kathryn, (but everyone calls her “Coop”, so I will, too) married Porter at Castaway on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Their friends and family are all so charming and fun and 100% unique.

At Castaway, there’s a wonderful garden center next door. We we able to explore the space and take some photos there. The light is incredible and the textures and colors make picture-taking even more fun. I’m so glad there was time for Coop and Porter to meet up before the ceremony for a little private time, and then some group photos.

The couple’s wedding was a creative treat. Porter made the giant lighted marquee letters himself. And Kathryn’s bouquet contained not only the colors of fall, but sculptural succulents as well. Besides flower arrangements on the tables, guests also found Trivial Pursuits cards to kick-start conversation and new friendships.

Congrats to you, Coop + Porter! Your wedding was just as delightful as you are. Enjoy your sneak peek of our favorite photos from the day.

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