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Mary & Matt, St Patrick’s Cathedral, June 18, 2011

Rain on your wedding day portends luck for the couple! So consider Matt and Mary among the luckiest. But they didn’t need Saturday’s rain; their good fortune was to meet and fall in love. Their wedding last Saturday at St Patrick’s Cathedral was a romantically elegant celebration. Mary was radiant during her preparations. Calm, steady […]

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Mallory & Matt at Domaine Margelle on June 11, 2011

Luck? Fate? Skill? I’m still not sure how it was accomplished. It rained on Friday. It rained on Sunday. And to boot, Saturday was Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. How was it that Matt and Mallory were able to stave off all threat of rain for their delightful wedding at Domaine Margelle last Saturday? In […]

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