This may be the most exciting venue in which I’ve ever seen a wedding held. Hidden downtown in Portland, Beau and Maddy gathered their friends and family inside an exquisite golden-age building that once was home to a bank. The distinctiveness of the day was a true match for Beau and Maddy, who are at once fun, sweet, and sophisticated. Congrats, you lovely people! It was a great pleasure to witness your amazing day.

I’m still on a bit of a happiness high from Julia and Jeff’s wedding last weekend. This wedding had ALL the good things. Beautiful souls, adorable dogs, wide smiles, big skies, kind hearts, loving families and a deep, strong bond of the best kind of love. Typically, I’d write words about the wedding: what we observed, or what was special. But I’m lost here in this case, because the biggest observation is the way their wedding made me feel. And what I presume everyone there also felt. Such a full acknowledgment of each half of this couple–how they love each other, what they admire, what they share, and a full appreciation of what they are together. So instead, we’ll just leave you with these lovely photos and I’ll bet you’ll know what I mean. Congratulations, Julia and Jeff!


We’re so pleased to have the chance to get to know Jaime and Adam. Their wedding next summer will be a delightful experience, because these two are so sweet and refreshing. We chatted and walked at the Hoyt Arboretum, on the hunt for some fall colors. Along the way we laughed, had leaf fights and practiced cute cuddling and slow-motion kisses. Congratulations Jamie and Adam! Love looks good on you. Enjoy a few of our favorites while we finalize the rest of the photographs.

Ohmygosh! I love this wedding. Julia and Joe may be the sweetest humans on the planet. It was such a bubbly and happy day. Every. Single. Minute. See for yourself. Yes, the dancing. Who else but a guy in a band gets a smoke machine for his dance floor? Also, when the newly married couple were announced into their dinner–they’d hidden little musical instruments under the chairs of the guests. Mini maracas and tiny tambourines serenaded the couple to their table. AND….churros! Congratulations, Joe and Julia! Happiest wedding day ever.

Elegant. Gracious. Beautiful. That’s how I’d describe this entire day. Erin and Jordan gathered with their friends and family to marry at the Grotto in Portland and after, celebrated in style at the Portland Art Museum. My favorite moment of the day was watching Jordan seeing Erin walk toward the altar with her father. Every part of this wonderful day was wrapped up in that exact moment. Congratulations, honeymooners! See you after Paris!

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