I can’t recall a wedding with more fun, more friends and happiness than this day. The skies over Brasada were hazy but bright as the sun tried it’s best to shine. Annie and Eric’s affection and happy energy had John and me smiling all day long. What a pleasure it was to be along on their beautiful and heartfelt wedding day. Congrats, Eric and Annie!

custom printed jump drives for Altura Studio

Today I’m packing up a new delivery and get to use these pretty new jump drives. In the past, I’ve been burning DVDs for clients, but as image file sizes have gotten larger, I’ve had to include three or four discs to hold all the images. That can’t be very convenient for my clients, plus it just takes too darn long. I’m also thinking about how our customers will archive their pictures. We have to think about what formats will stay viable as technology advances.  If you’re a 2017 client and your collection includes digital files, this is how you’ll receive them. If you’re a 2016 or earlier client and are interested in having an archive like this, get in touch with us.

It’s wedding planning season! Are you dreaming of your perfect wedding day? With zillions of weddings under our belts, we’ve just updated our favorite tips and suggestions for making your wedding photos picture perfect. Click the button on the lower right corner to read our magazine fullscreen. Do you have questions about planning your photography? We love to talk weddings are we’re always happy to share our experience.

This whole day makes me so happy. She loves him. He loves her. It’s tangible, emotional, and visible. Friends and family gathered at the beach in early Fall with good food, good wine and high spirits not dampened in any way by the etherial fog that settled in just as their vows began. The fog made things intimate, almost cosy. And the light, well….see for yourself. Join me in saying “Congratulations!” and “happy ever after” to these lovely people.

When we talked with Jackie and Matt about their wedding day plans, they responded that they wanted the biggest, most funnest party ever. I think they got their wish. They had a big wedding party, a huge paella feast and an enormous amount of love and affection from their friends and family. Congratulations, Jackie and Matt!

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Here’s a few of the people who made this magic happen:

Leftbank Annex

Crown Paella

Bridal Bliss

Anna Mara Flowers

Dancehall Days

AJ’s Hair Design and Makeup


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